MSA 8241001 Skyhawk Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector



MSA 8241001 Skyhawk Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

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Product Introduction:

In addition to the various gases currently available for selection, the Altair Pro Eagle Single Gas Detector has excellent performance that allows operators to rest assured and can withstand the most demanding usage environments. Sensors and batteries are easy to replace, making the entire machine durable and durable. The design and manufacturing of the Altair Pro Eagle single gas detector are based on the high-quality system of MSA, belonging to the MSA Galaxy series of products. This series of instruments provides customers with various gas detection solutions.

Main performance characteristics:

-The body is compact and can be inserted into a safety helmet, tied to a belt, or placed in a pocket, fully releasing both hands

-Tough rubber sheath with excellent anti drop and impact performance

-Tight design, excellent protection level, waterproof and dustproof to IP67, more suitable for use in harsh environments

-One click operation, simple and convenient, labor-saving and worry free

-Accurate detection and display of toxic gas concentration or oxygen content

-Wide, clear, and backlit LCD display screen, convenient for users to operate in low light or at night

-Long lasting and durable lithium battery, with a typical design value exceeding 9000 hours

-Sound, light, and vibration triple alarms are standard configurations; High and low alarms, STEL, TWA alarms, and adjustable alarm values

-Infrared communication function and intelligent software make daily work from tedious to simple

operational principle

The Altair Pro Eagle Single Gas Detector uses high-precision electrochemical sensors to detect the concentration of toxic gases or the percentage concentration of oxygen in the environment. It can detect 13 toxic gases, including oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, etc.

The Altair Pro Skyhawk has embedded data recording function as a standard configuration, which can automatically record the latest 50 events. In conjunction with the MSA infrared adapter and software, it is possible to modify alarm settings and import data recorded by the instrument into a computer for tracking and management.

Certification and Standards

US&Canada: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C&D

Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4

Australia: Ex ia IIC T4

China: Ex ia d IIC T4

application area

Chemical, construction, electricity, fire protection, natural gas, general industry, toxic materials, air detection, manufacturing, nuclear industry, petroleum and petrochemical, water supply/treatment

Application occasions

Leakage detection, hypoxia, toxic gas environment

Order number

Product Description

8241001 Altair Pro, CO carbon monoxide gas detector

8241002 Altair Pro, H2S hydrogen sulfide gas detector

8241003 Altair Pro, O2 Oxygen Gas Detector